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Gaelic language

SFC is committed to the support and development of the Gaelic language and, as a major national public body in Scotland, has the potential to make a significant contribution to Gaelic learning and research in Scotland's colleges and universities.

We have already made a major commitment to Gaelic in recent years through our investment in areas such as Gaelic language provision and teacher training.

SFC's Gaelic Language Plan has been approved by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and outlines how we will contribute to securing the future of Gaelic language in Scotland through our work with colleges and universities and how we will use Gaelic in our corporate identity and administration.

We welcome correspondence in Gaelic and endeavour to respond in Gaelic, acknowledging receipt within 20 working days.

Strategic support for Gaelic education in the Scottish further and higher education sectors

In May 2008, SFC published Circular SFC/25/2008: Support for Gaelic education in FE and HE in Scotland [Archive] which announced strategic funding for Gaelic education opportunities in further and higher education.

SFC has recently confirmed its intention to continue to make funds for these purposes available during the lifetime of the current National Gaelic Language Plan. Reflecting demand for these funds to date and available resources, the budget is currently set at £200,000 per year, across both sectors.

For further information see the letter to principals on Strategic support for Gaelic education in the Scottish further and higher education sectors [Archive].

SFC funded Gaelic activity

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