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Publications & Statistics
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We collect and analyse data relating to the provision of further and higher education in Scotland for funding, policy and evaluation purposes. Information is also made publicly available on our website in the form of statistical reports, performance indicators and other resources of value to those working within further and higher education. In addition to this, users of this website can access our Infact Database of students and courses at Scotland's colleges.

You can access statistical resources from the links on this page. For some higher education material you will be directed to the Higher Education Statistics Agency which produces statistical information on behalf of the four UK higher education funding bodies.  

For guidance on submitting statistical information go to HE statistical data guidance or FE statistical data guidance. If you are involved in this work you can submit information to us through FES online and EMA online.

Associate Students in the Higher Education Students and Qualifiers

SFC consulted on the Higher Education Students and Qualifiers National Statistics publication. Users of the publication were invited to comment on how to take account of Associate Students in this publication. 

Read the consultation document [PDF] and a summary of the responses [PDF].

Statistical reports

In producing our statistical reports we take account of: