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Equality Outcomes 2017-21

Equality Outcomes to advance equality and diversity in colleges and universities

  1. To achieve more even patterns – at both sectoral and institutional level - of participation, retention and success by different groups of learners, from protected characteristic groups and including those from areas of deprivation and care backgrounds where they interact.
  2. Understand the diversity of college staff, management and governing bodies leading to specific recommendations and guidance for Colleges in AY 2019-20.
  3. Support the university sector to achieve a diverse and representative workforce.
  4. To achieve an improved and aligned evidence base for equality, informed by increased rates of disclosure across protected characteristics.
  5. To advance the mainstreaming of equality and diversity within the outcome agreement process.
  6. Equality and diversity considerations are evident in outcome agreements and across all core and strategic funding agreements.

Equality Outcomes to advance equality and diversity within SFC

  1. We will better understand and improve equality and diversity within our workforce through improved disclosure and positive action and development initiatives.
  2. Equality and diversity responsibilities will be clearly established in our strategic and operational planning and advanced through forward job plans and evaluation processes.