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Funding appeals

The Council aims to ensure that all funding decisions are transparent and supported by the publication of relevant facts and analysis, funding principles and methods of calculation.

Where a college or university wishes to appeal against a funding decision, a written submission stating the grounds for the appeal should be addressed to the Secretary to the Council in the first instance.

All appeals will be registered. The Secretary to the Council will carry out a review of the funding decision and will respond in writing within 15 working days of receipt of the appeal. Where a full response within 15 working days is not possible, a letter will be sent to the institution outlining progress towards a response and setting a target by which to respond, usually within a further 15 working days.

Where a conflict of interest arises which would leave the Secretary to the Council compromised in reviewing the funding decision, this stage of the appeal will be carried out by a director who has had no material involvement in the circumstances giving rise to the appeal.

Should the response to the review prove unsatisfactory to the institution, details of the appeal will be directed to the Chair of the Council who will make a final decision on the matter. The Chair will report to the Council on any appeals about funding decisions along with the outcome of the process.