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Remuneration Committee

The remit of the Remuneration Committee is:

  • To determine the broad framework for the remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in agreement with the Scottish Government.
  • To determine the remuneration of the CEO, including performance related elements within the scope of the relevant guidance issued by the Scottish Government.
  • In consultation with the CEO determine the broad framework and level of remuneration for directors taking into account relevant guidance from the Scottish Government.
  • To confirm the annual increase to the remuneration of the chair and council members within the limit prescribed in the relevant guidance issued by the Scottish Government.
  • When appropriate, to provide guidance to the CEO in relation to selection and appointment of Senior Director and Directors.
  • Be alert to the need to make or receive inputs to or from other Council committees or groups about issues which cut across the remits of more than one committee.
  • Monitor the development and implementation of the Council Executive’s human resource and organisational development strategies, including:

    • Staffing of the Council executive.
    • Development of the pay remit.
    • Subsequent pay negotiations.
    • Values development.
    • Employee engagement strategies.
    • Staff training and development strategies.
    • Assist with appeal hearings as per HR policies.


Council members